WordPress Theme and Plugin Updating

So why do you need to update your WordPress site?

Simply for these 3 very important reasons:

  • First – Increase your site’s security
  • Second – Add functionality and features
  • Third – fix bugs in your system

Open Source can be Open Season on your Website

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the online world today for a great reason. It’s so easy to work with and use. But you must always ensure you have the latest updates for your Theme and Plugins.

Why? WordPress is an open source platform, whereby people around the globe are changing and updating the code, and sharing it with everyone – including hackers, unfortunately.

Did you know that 83% of sites that have been hacked are because the site was not updated? It’s as simple as that. So you must upgrade your WordPress theme regularly – or you risk letting hackers in.

We’ll make sure that you’re running the most up-to-date version – ensuring hackers don’t get in – and we’ll do that with virtually no downtime. We’ll also ensure that your site is properly backed up before, during, and after the upgrade.

Wordpress Theme and Plugin Updating

Theme and Plugin Updates – No Compatibility Issues

Plugins can play a huge factor in your blog’s security. When a plugin update is released, a bug fix report is also released, showing how to close up security loopholes. If a hacker notices you are using an older version of that plugin, in they go and drop malware and other viruses on your system.

The key reason most site owners don’t update their plugins is they believe the site will not work properly and smoothly. We’ll ensure that both your theme and the plugins not only are updated, making your site secure again, we’ll ensure that your whole site functions smoothly.

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