Website Migration to WordPress

Now powering over 17% of the Web, and almost 45% of all Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress powers giants such as Forbes, CNN and Sony. WordPress is
now becoming the ubiquitous CMS of choice for all small to medium size businesses for a variety of reasons.

Simply stated, WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, with its humble beginnings back in 2003 as simply a blogging tool.

WordPress Advantages:

  • Easy to Install – Depending on the theme you use, and amount of content and customization, sites can be set up and loaded within an hour.
  • Customizable – WordPress has significantly more plugins, themes and other customizations than any other CMS.
  • Free – WordPress is free to install and use for anyone who wants it. There are over 27,000 free plugins and greater than 2,000 free themes to choose from.
  • Community Support – If you have a problem, no worry. There are literally millions of people using WordPress, and thousands of communities to join and share info and receive feedback and help.
Website Migration to Wordpress


  1. Evaluate website – Work carefully through the pages on your existing website, identifying all of the types of content (standard pages, photo galleries, resource pages, etc.) and noting any areas that need special attention.
  2. Environment Set-up – Set up WordPress theme, plugins and database; get ready to import.
  3. Import content – Organize all your content for the export process, whether manual or custom.
  4. Migrate design – Take your existing design and move into a customizable WordPress theme.
  5. Review website – Analyzing the import, making adjustments where needed, set up any URL redirects.
  6. Go Live

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