Does your current host meet your current and future needs? If not, we can move your WordPress site to any
WordPress hosting system – including Black Chip Marketing inexpensive hosting programs starting at $10/mth.

Avoid Website Downtime and Data Loss

When looking at possibly doing a WordPress site move to another host on your own, without the proper technical knowledge, you are flirting with disaster. You can easily experience significant downtime, or even worse – data loss.

We’ll be able to simply and easily help you complete the transfer with no data loss, and virtually no downtime.

We’ll do this following our simple, fast six-step migration process outlined below.

Wordpress Server Move


  1. Setup – Configure domain and SFTP credentials
  2. Update – Backup current site, then update WordPress theme and plugins
  3. Export – Organize all WordPress content and its database
  4. Import – Transfer this WordPress content and database files to new host
  5. Verify – Preview new site location, making sure the move was successful
  6. Launch – Configure DNS, then go live

Further, we’ll ensure that we put into place all the 301 redirects for your old URLs to the new domain, making sure the search engines can find the new location.

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