Gutenberg Plugin Review

Gutenberg Is It A Plugin For You

This new system certainly makes it easier for non-techy types to add buttons, tables and embeds like videos, to a page or post. While this is helpful for certain people, Gutenberg just adds up to a lot more clicking for seasoned Wordpress users like myself.

Is Social Media Losing Its Steam? What’s Next?

Are people finally getting bored with social media? Are we losing interest with the seemingly unimportant updates of what others did on the weekend or what they had for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks?

ICANN Changes to Registered Domain Transfer Policies

On December 1, 2016, new policies will be in place regarding the transferring of domains from one ICANN registrar to another.
construction company marketing

Marketing for Construction Companies

Does your construction company need a little boost in traffic to your website? If the answer is yes then you need to check out this post on how to increase your views and turn your surfers into customers.
expandable content

Should You Use Expandable Content On Your Website

Which brings us back to point behind this post; should you use expandable content on your website? Is it considered hidden text? Will using it get my site penalized or deindexed?
Google Logo

Google Search Results Pages Landscape Changes Over The Years

More often than not, Google changes had to do with their algorithms and the way they read the various signals that determined a website’s ranking within the SERPS or search engine ranking pages.
New Top Level Domains

Top Level Domain Name Game

I fondly remember the rush on domain names back in the mid 90’s. Naturally all of the best single word dot coms went right away in spite of the fact that in the beginning, you had to prove that you were eligible for that domain name.
Online Reviews

Client Reviews – How to get em, where to put em

Did you ever wonder why it is that when you search for certain products and services all of the top rankings in the search engines always seem to point to big brands or national retail outfits?
let's get responsive

Let’s Get Responsive - Modernize Your Website

Have you ever looked at your website on a smartphone or tab? Does it look the same as it does on your desktop at home but only a little smaller, kind of hard to see? If the answer is yes then your website isn’t responsive.