WordPress Plugin Repair

With our WordPress specialist developers, we’ll install and/or modify any and all WordPress plugins – to your specific needs.

Why? Because plugins are an essential part of any WordPress website, and it’s very difficult to run a successful site without them.

Not only do plugins allow you to customize your website, WordPress plugins also add a variety of essential functionality. This functionality helps with your website usability, performing everything from security to search.

Wordpress Plugin Repair
Wordpress Plugin Repair

Plugins, Plugins – Where to Start?

Plugins perform so many functions on WordPress websites. But when you have a problem with one of them, that’s where the issues can start. That is, where do you start?

Having so many plugins installed on your WordPress website, it can be hard to determine which, if any, of your plugins is causing the issue. That’s where Black Chip Marketing and its programmers come onto the scene.

Being WordPress specialists, Black Chip Marketing programmers will work to perform a full analysis of your website, rooting out the conflicting plugin, updating it if need be, or deleting it and re-installing something else if that is the issue.

Plugins should be fixing problems, not causing them.

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