The best local citation sources for US, Canada, Australia, and the UK

To compete in the local search market every website needs to develop a solid network of reputable references that accurately detail the particulars of the business online. Things like the address and phone number, hours of operation and most importantly, links to the site and the business social accounts. When a business adds its details to this network of citation sites it builds authority for that business’s web reputation regarding its products or services. The stronger the authority the higher the potential rankings within the search engine results and what business website wouldn’t want that.

Below there are 4 lists of local citation sites that businesses could use to build their online authority. It is important to use only the lists that reflect where the business conducts local business. It is also very important that all of the business details that are added to these citation sites are consistent; same address, phone numbers, hours of operation, etc. The business is trying to establish authority through transparency so be accurate and consistent.  The more information that is added the better. There will be the opportunity to add photos of the business as well as links to the business social media accounts. If possible add everything you can. This may be time consuming but it is well worth the effort.

Top 50 Citation Sources in the United States

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