Life Span Development Inc

Screen capture of the website

Project Components
Web Development, general SEO, Localized Search

Lifespan Development has been offering its services to the North Shore, Tri-Cities and Vancouver area for years, and did have a website, but one the owner wasn’t happy with. For good reason: it was poorly developed and needed better communication with the two key search engines (Google and Bing), as well as its key target market. Further, the business owner was unable to easily add or change content, and develop a blog that would both help communicate with his target audience, but also build authority with the search engines. The owner of Lifespan Development hired Black Chip Marketing to redevelop the website, as well as build out proper SEO components.

What we did
Black Chip Marketing first held a strategic meeting with the owner of Lifespan Development to clearly outline his goals, helping to identify his company’s core target audience, then prioritizing those specific subgroups, which in turn helped to create a clear vision for how to communicate with these subgroups. We were then able to develop a new content architecture for the site, while reorganizing the content menu structure to help in directing prospects to the correct informational page.

We ensured that the two key functions, locations and contact info, were present on each page, either just below the fold on the home page, or on the side bar of all internal pages to ensure prospects were able to see if an office was close by and for them to send a confidential contact email.

Integral to the new site was choosing a Content Management System (CMS) so that the business owner would be able to make any subtle changes to the website if need be, or to upload any new blogs he has written, a key component in positioning himself as an authority for keyword indexing for his locale in the search engines. Black Chip Marketing uses WordPress almost exclusively for a number of reasons, a primary one being the ease of use for neophytes to website and the Internet.

They also wanted to save some money on hosting, so we were able to take over the administration of the website, and provide a very inexpensive hosting package with Black Chip, for less than $60/year.

As for the SEO, we provided keyword analysis, developed the head/meta content for the each of the pages and developed out its Local Search components.

In a very short period of time, Lifespan Development ranked for some very good keywords in localized search, and they now have a solid data capture form for developing leads.

The launch of the new WordPress driven CMS has allowed for a much easier process for the owner to upload new content and photos, as well as publish on his blog, as the Word Press CMS is as simple to use as a word processor.