Max Pro-Tech is a Vancouver-based certified IT company, providing both business and home solutions for any of today’s computer issues.


From emergency response and remote online service to server repair and virus removal and protection, Max Pro-Tech has provided effective solutions for all computer needs.

The Project

Previously, Max Pro-Tech had only a Facebook page, and was not able to properly exibihit and promote his business. He was unable to properly list out his full services, pricing, have a contact page for any new clients. But most of all, he was unable to have a proper booking system.

In the past, he was finding that he was having to stop his work to deal with prospects and clients in terms of possible appointment scheduling, or changing of times. So having a robust calendar/booking platform was extremely important to the owner.

The Solution

Creating a website that was simple to use, where he was able to edit content and pricing when needed, but also had an easy-to-use calendar/booking program. We were able to find a nice, simple WordPress theme, and with a few modifications to the code, and the addition of a couple of plugins were able to meet all his needs.

He is able to direct clients to his website, and is able to have the booking program do all the work for him, while not interrupting his work day.

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