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Project Components
Convert the ASP website to use the WordPress Content Management System, or CMS, that mimics their existing site’s look and functions.

Background’s purpose is to help businesses gather and organize all of their business information, so it can be viewed or reported on as the client wishes and use the information to make the daily and big-picture decisions necessary to the running of the client’s organizations.

The problem that some of the employees at Azamba were having with their website had to do with an inability to effectively edit the content on the website. Not everybody in the company had the coding skills required by their current CMS and as such they couldn’t update the content in a timely fashion or as quickly as they might have liked.

What We Did
In order to make the switch from their current ASP based CMS and website we looked for an off the shelf WordPress Theme that closely matched their current design. Upon finding the right theme we then set up a development server and installed WordPress to it. We then set out to copy the content over to the WordPress environment. Upon completing that we then began the process of editing the CSS (cascading style sheets) so that the new WordPress site looked almost exactly the same as their old site.

The conversion to a WordPress based CMS and site has allowed for a much easier site to edit and add content. The WordPress CMS is like using a word processor as all of the code is written for you so you need not learn any coding in order to edit the web property. Further, using WordPress allowed for the installation and use of various plugins to aid in the running of the site be it for security purposes or helping in the marketing of the website. A good case in point for the use of plugins on the site was the addition of the Live Chat plugin that allows for 1 on 1 live assistance when an agent is available and email data captures for when no agent is available.